Frameless Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Boston, MA

If you’re looking for frameless shower repair and replacement, Boston Glass Group should be your first call. Our glass experts have over 11 years’ experience installing frameless showers, and we promise to bring you the best quality, efficiency, and value you can find in Boston. Call us for all your glass repair needs, from new window installation to design and installation of a frameless glass shower door in Boston.

Boston Homeowners Love Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass is everywhere in today’s residential and commercial design. Boston residents’ desire to “bring the outdoors in,” and enjoy a view, added to recent innovations in glass technology are making frameless glass a popular choice for everything from frameless glass guardrails and frameless glass tabletops to frameless glass walls and frameless showers. Frameless shower doors and frameless shower enclosures are a popular choice for bathrooms in Boston for many reasons: they’re prettier, more durable, and require less maintenance than framed shower doors. Frameless shower doors and frameless shower enclosures can also substantially increase the value of your home in the Boston housing market. They generally take no more than a day to install, and there are endless options for customizing your frameless shower for your Boston home.

Boston’s Favorite Frameless Shower Door Company

Thinking of installing frameless glass shower door in your Boston home? There are many benefits to a frameless shower door. In addition to being easy to maintain, no more of the yucky build-up you find on metal framed showers, frameless showers are a great way to visually enlarge a small bathroom and to create an open, modern space in your Boston home. Frameless showers are cost-effective and can turn your indoor shower into a woodland view. No other glass company provides the level of professional consultation that we do to help you make the right choices in frameless glass shower doors in Boston. We can help you plan your Boston bathroom renovation to ensure your desires in a new custom shower are met. We can help you navigate the seemingly endless options when it comes to designing and installing a new frameless shower door or frameless shower enclosure in your Boston home. We have a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from so you can be sure that you're receiving the exact frameless shower enclosure you want.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors at Boston Glass Group

Because frameless sliding shower doors save space, they are an increasingly popular choice for Boston homeowners. A sliding shower door can make your whole bathroom look and feel more spacious. Moreover, frameless sliding shower doors are a great way to completely change the look of your bathrooms in your Boston home without the cost of a full bathroom re-design. With real estate at a premium, installing a frameless sliding shower door in your Boston dwelling is a way for your tub to also double as a shower. A semi-frameless sliding shower door saves space in your Boston dwelling by turning your bath into a bath-shower combo, without the use of an ugly curtain.

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