Glass Shower Enclosures: Custom Glass Shower Doors & Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group is a full-service glass repair, replacement, and installation company that can meet all your residential glass needs in the Boston Metro area. Our expert technicians are committed to providing the highest quality service, delivered professionally, promptly, and cost-effectively. We deliver repair, replacement, and installation on a wide range of glass projects including sliding glass shower doors, glass shower enclosures, and frameless glass shower doors.

Design &

Glass Showers


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A single change in your bathroom can provide a new focal point, modernize your bathroom, and add exponentially to the market value of your Boston area home! Whether your goal is to upgrade your bathroom’s look, replace an aging glass shower door, or repair a damaged shower glass door, Boston Glass Group is here to help with expert consulting and precision service. We’ll answer all your questions about shower doors, shower enclosures, and frameless glass shower doors. For new shower and bathroom design in Boston, we’ll help you make important decisions about the best spot, the right layout, and the safest and most cost-effective materials for your new shower. We have years of experience providing shower glass services Boston. Let us help design and install the bathroom of your dreams!



We Handle Every Kind of Glass Shower Door Project in Boston

Need a broken seal fixed in the greater Boston area? No problem. We offer our Boston customers a shower door check-up package that involves rehanging the door and replacing all the existing bulbs and seals. Wondering if you should go with a frameless glass shower door for your Boston home? We can help you decide. There are many benefits to a frameless shower door: they’re easy to clean and maintain (none of that yucky corrosion that builds up on metal tracks). Frameless showers are a great way to visually enlarge a small bathroom and to create an open, modern space in your Boston home. Prices for these frameless glass shower doors start at $750.00 in the Boston metro area and move up depending on the characteristics of your custom glass shower enclosures. Not sure what will look great in your bathroom? Allow Boston Glass Group to design your custom glass shower or bath enclosure for you!

What to Expect for Your Boston Shower Glass Project

Call us or submit your shower dimensions using our online shower design tool! Measurements don’t have to be exact. Next, we’ll meet with you face-to-face and share samples of metal and shower glass finish options to help build your perfect bathtub or shower enclosure. We’ll take measurements and provide you with detailed drawings before ordering any materials for your glass shower door project in Boston. This step allows us to show you an accurate picture of what your shower enclosure will look like in your Boston home.

Shower Layout and Design

Our custom glass shower enclosures and frameless shower doors are precisely measured by a specialized group of tradesmen to ensure perfectly seamless finished products. Below you will find examples and descriptions of our finished products along with visual aids. Boston Glass Group’s goal is to provide superior customer service while supplying our customers with the best glass shower enclosures in Boston and on the market today. From sliding glass shower doors, frameless shower doors, and frameless glass shower doors, check out the photos and descriptions below to help you envision your perfect new shower enclosure or bathroom design for your Boston home!

Warranties on Shower Enclosures Installation

BOSTON GLASS GROUP provides a three-year warranty on all our shower enclosures and a one-year warranty on any acrylic shower door sweeps, seals, and doorstops used for your shower door and shower glass projects in Boston.

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