Boston Glass Groups guarantees all of our shower installations for a three-year period from the installation date. Issues that can arise would be squeaky hardware, leaking, or sagging of shower doors. Please note that the Boston Glass Group uses a mold resistant silicone and is not responsible for mold build-up in silicon. Routine cleaning will help fight against mold buildup around the edges of glass and hardware.

From hinged to sliding glass showers, Boston Glass Group uses the best available hardware on the market. We are committed to the quality of our products long after your shower enclosure installation is complete. Warranty claims are subject to inspection by Boston Glass Group project supervisors. If the warranty is deemed rightful for hardware defects or improper craftsmanship, Boston Glass Group will either supply new hardware free of cost or refund the customer a percentage of the total for the shower project. The warranty applies only to the original client and may not be transferred with the sale of home/apartment/business.

Boston Glass Group uses acrylic shower door sweeps, seals, and doorsteps on occasion. These parts carry a one-year warranty. Routine maintenance of our shower enclosures includes replacing the acrylic components periodically. After the one-year period, the customer may contact Boston Glass Group to purchase new acrylic components to replace the original parts.

Voided Warranties

The warranty is void if the customer signs off on a shower door that is not covered by Bost Glass Group due to weight and distribution on the hinges. This happens in extremely rare situations in which the client prefers a certain aesthetic and opts out of Boston Glass Group’s services and manufacturer warranty. Such conditions are noted in the proposal.

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