Residential Glass Mirror Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group provides full-service glass repair, replacement, and installation to homeowners and landlords in the Boston metro area. With over 11 years of glass experience, Boston Glass Group has the knowledge and technical experience to oversee your residential glass project to completion. We provide repair, replacement, and installation services to a wide range of mirror glass projects including custom glass shower enclosures, glass table tops, skylights, windows, and mirrors.

Decorate Your Boston Home with Mirrors

Whether you’re renovating or redecorating your Boston home, the opportunities to improve the look and functionality in every room of your house are virtually endless. Decorating with mirrors and mirror glass is more popular than ever due to advances in glass technology that makes mirror customization a snap. For bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen backsplashes, hallways, living rooms, home gyms, and closet door mirrors, there are no rules when it comes to decorating. No matter what strikes your fancy when it comes to decorative and functional mirrors of any size, the Boston Glass Group provides custom cut mirrors that will visually enlarge your room, add sparkle, reflect colors and design from your existing furniture palette.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the aesthetic and functional benefits adding custom mirrors to your Boston home décor:

  • Place the mirror so that it captures natural lighting coming into your room or direct an overhead light to create a stunning effect.
  • Mix mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Alternatively, choose one shape and vary the frames; make some mirrors frameless.
  • Use mirror tiles to create a bold kitchen backsplash, with single-color tiles or mixed with standard tiles for a mosaic pattern.
  • Replace your closet doors with mirrored doors to add space and make getting dressed a snap.

Custom Mirrors Give your Boston Home a Design Edge

Custom cut to your exact shape sized edges and color, we can create mirrors in virtually any shape, from square, rectangle round and oval to virtually any custom shape that you imagine. Our mirrors are 1/4" thick, the market standard for mirror glass thickness. Our Boston glass experts consult with you ahead of time regarding your desired placement to ensure the wall can support the weight, and we’ll advise on any special installation requirements or additional hardware needed to execute your vision for adding mirror glass to your home.

Custom Glass in Boston, Done Right the First Time

At Boston Glass Group, we get your measurements the first time, so there’s never a need for re-dos on custom cut glass. Our professional custom cut glass experts in Boston are led by Boston Glass Group owner Tom Dickhudt whose organized approach keeps things running smoothly and guarantees your glass project is done to exact specification the first time. Let us know what you envision for your Boston mirror glass project, and we'll help you with your custom-cut product. We do custom cut glass for all types of projects, in any shape you need: rectangle, square, round, or oval. We can also customize the shape for your specific project, and we guarantee you the most precise cut possible, done right the first time to your exact specifications.

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