Commercial Glass Standoff & Display Case Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

Glass’s transparency is the main feature that persuades most people to choose to incorporate it into the architecture of their space. That visibility is the essence of one of the products Boston Glass Group offers its customers: display cases! Glass display cabinets allow items to be safely stored while available for viewing, making them a useful asset for virtually any Boston business or commercial property type.
Common items for glass display cases:

  • Trophies
  • Awards
  • Collectibles
  • Works of art
  • Jewelry
  • Food
  • Eyeglasses/sunglasses
  • Products

Glass Display Cabinets for Preserving Items in Boston

Display cases are for just that ­– displaying – and the best possible way to achieve that is encasing something in glass. This ensures that while it has maximum visibility (you can choose models that fit into any space and viewable from all angles) it is also keeps your belongings safe and preserved. Boston businesses often have these cases for important items such as company memorabilia, trophies, and awards and they are also popular with museums for artifacts, paintings, statues and more. The glass casing makes sure these displayed items are safe from fingerprints, temperature, and anything that could affect their value and or integrity. For Boston businesses that value something enough to highlight it with a display, make sure you do it right with a glass display cabinet from Boston Glass Group.

Glass Display Cases for Sales at Boston Businesses

The other primary function of glass casing is to be utilized as a selling technique for retail establishments and eateries. These types of Boston companies utilize glass display cases for showing off their best, newest, and most expensive products to their Boston customers. Turn to Boston Glass Group for help choosing between a range of glass display cabinets or to build a custom one that best fits what you are trying to put on display. The high-visibility of 360 degree-view case is perfect for clothing stores to present brand new outfits in the middle of their Boston shops. We even craft cash-wrap cases for Boston bakeries and delis and places that want products up by the register for upselling. Pricier items for sale, such as jewelry and eyewear, can also be displayed and protected by a wall-mounted locked case so that Boston shoppers can view the items, but only associates can get to them. Many of these glass display cabinets hold the ability to add lighting features to illuminate the products further. No matter what it is that your business wants to display, let Boston Glass Group help you come up with the best possible casing for that presentation.

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