Residential Glass Shower Door & Enclosure Repair, Replacement & Installation in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group is a full-service glass repair, replacement, and installation company that can meet all your residential glass needs in the Boston metro area. We provide repair, replacement, and installation services for a wide range of glass projects including shower doors, custom glass shower enclosures, glass table tops, mirrors, windows, and more. Our glass company has 11 years of experience repairing and replacing shower enclosures. We proudly serve Boston with highest quality service, delivered professionally, promptly, and cost-effectively.

Let’s Build Your Dream Shower in Boston!

A shower is no longer just a shower in Boston; a shower enclosure wraps you in a space where you can be alone, sing, enjoy a view of the outdoors, come up with brilliant ideas, catch up on the news, stretch, meditate, you name it. Today’s options for great shower enclosures and glass shower doors in Boston are just as wide! Before you get overwhelmed, let us help take some of the guesswork out of designing your new shower door or shower enclosure for your Boston home. Our experienced glass technicians are here to help you consider the factors that will guide your unique glass shower door project in Boston, including:

  • Choose the perfect location for your glass shower enclosure
  • Help design your shower enclosure – or your whole bathroom
  • Guarantee a safe, watertight, shower door
  • Keep costs to a minimum

Perfect Glass Shower Doors in Boston

A good customer shower installation company like Boston Glass Group will guide you every step of the way on your glass shower door project. Our professionals will do everything they can to ensure the beauty and functionality of a new shower enclosure in your Boston residence. In addition to decisions about glass and hardware, we’ll help you consider the many variables in custom glass showers design and installation. The glass shower enclosure services that we provide to Boston include steam showers, sliding shower doors, heavy glass shower enclosures and more.

Get Started on Your Glass Shower Enclosure Project

Reach out to us for service in the Boston metro area. Call us or feel free to submit your shower dimensions using our online shower door design tool. Shower door measurements don’t have to be exact. Next, we’ll meet with you face-to-face in the Boston area and share samples kit of available metal and shower glass finish options to help build your perfect shower or bathtub enclosure. We’ll take measurements and provide you with detailed drawings before ordering any materials for your glass shower door project in Boston, so you can see how your shower enclosure will look.

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Call us today for a glass repair and installation free estimate for your glass shower door, shower enclosure, or any other glass repair and installation in Boston. We’ll provide a free, cost-competitive estimate within 24 hours.

Boston Glass Group is Boston's number one glass company choice for glass repair, replacement and glass installations. We offer a variety of custom glass services from window glass repair and replacement to shower glass.