Commercial Glass Mirror Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group provides full-service glass repair, replacement, and installation to businesses large and small in the Boston metro area. We provide repair, replacement, and installation on a wide range of mirror glass projects in Boston, including offices, retail and dressing room mirrors, storefronts, gyms, lockers rooms, and more.

Add Mirror Glass to Your Boston Office, Retail Store and More

Mirror glass can expand a small office or retail space in Boston, and they’re effective for showcasing products, adding natural light, and energizing your workspace. Mirror glass also lets Boston retailers highlight areas where they want to focus customers’ attention. Adding or upgrading your fitting room mirrors can help you sell more merchandise by making shoppers “look better” in your products and by creating a fitting room environment that shoppers enjoy spending more time in. Using mirrors near your check-out counter will visually “double” the number of customers and make your Boston store appear to be bustling with business. Most importantly to Boston retail spaces, mirror glass helps deter would-be shoplifters. Two-way mirrors can give thieves the illusion they’re being watched from all angles, and mirrors are useful for catching and identifying those who do shoplift.

Mirrors for Boston Gyms and Locker Rooms

Whether you’re renovating your Boston business or want to add mirror glass to your existing design, mirror glass can visually enlarge a small space or upgrade your gym floor and gym locker room.Custom cut to your exact shape, sized edges and color, we can create custom mirrored glass in virtually any shape, from the square, rectangle round and oval to virtually any custom shape that you imagine.We’ll consult with you regarding your desired placement to ensure the wall can support the mirror’s weight and advice on any special installation requirements or additional hardware recommended to execute your specific vision.

Custom Glass, Done Right the First Time

The old proverb says “measure twice, cut once” but we get your measurements right the first time, so there’s never a need for re-dos on custom cut glass mirrors. Our Boston glass experts are happy to consult with you on your custom glass project in Boston to help determine the glass shape, size, thickness, type, strength and edging. Need fire-rated or safety glass for your Boston business? No problem. We guarantee you the most precise cut possible, done correctly the first time to your specifications.

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No matter what strikes your fancy when it comes to decorative and functional glass mirrors large and small, the Boston Glass Group can help you design for greater usage of mirrors for both function and style. Call us today for a free estimate or use our online tool. You’ll receive a competitive quote within 24 hours.

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