Commercial Skylight Window Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

The confines of a corporate office in Boston can often be dreary. Many workers find themselves leaving their cubicles a few times a day to go outside to get some fresh air and sunshine. What if you could bring the vibrancy of the outside world inside the office? More and more Boston businesses are adding skylights to their properties because a little bit of light can go a long way. Not only does daylight streaming through a skylight positively benefit mood and morale overall, but there are some major economic benefits to installing skylight windows as well. Boston Glass Group offers both installation and replacement services for skylights, so they are here for every step of the way during your Boston roofing makeover.

Skylight Window Installation as an Investment in Your Boston Business

Lighting subconsciously has a lot of control over our moods, and studies show that people are happier in well-lit settings. Other studies show that happier people are harder and better workers. This is where skylights come into play for commercial settings in Boston: they liven up the usually drab workplace by exchanging fluorescent light for natural light. In turn, Boston employees’ productivity will increase and as a result the company profits! However, the financial gain does not end there. There is a long list of ways that skylight windows help save money through lower structural costs. With skylight installation from Boston Glass Group, the building will be naturally lit and therefore not need as many lights on. The warm Boston sunlight coming through the ceiling from skylight installation also organically heats the space, meaning the heater will not be required as often. Both these things will bring down the monthly energy bill tremendously, saving your company a great deal of money.

Skylight Window Repair and Replacement in Boston

While skylight windows are a great addition to your building and are essentially maintenance free, this does not mean they will always be in perfect condition. Eventually, skylights need repairs or even full replacements. While Boston Glass Group uses only the highest quality and strongest tempered glass, it is unavoidable that sunlight and Boston’s temperamental weather will do damage to skylight windows over time. However, in addition to installation, we also do repairs and replacements on weathered or defective skylights. Whether the issue simply requires some new waterproofing strips or putting in an entirely fresh sheet of glass for a skylight replacement, our company uses safe and effective procedures to ensure your Boston business can stay open and functioning while we get your skylights back in top condition.

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Adding skylights to the roof can be just what your business needs to not only bolster the atmosphere visually but also emotionally and financially. Boston Glass Group can help you along the way of the entire skylight process, from installation to replacement, to ensure you choose the best skylight window options for your space in Boston. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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