Residential Glass Railing Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group is the company to turn to for all things glass, from big to small and indoor to outdoor. One subset of glass work we offer our Boston customers is adding glass railings to preexisting constructions that could benefit from a barrier, such as stairs or decks. While the traditional design for railings is usually metal or wood, using a glass railing adds a bevy of benefits no matter what your project is. Whether you want to add an extra element to your Boston home or already have a glass railing and need it repaired, Boston Glass Group has got you covered with our excellent glasswork services.

Glass Railings for Stairs in your Boston Home

For Boston property owners with multilevel homes, the staircase is simply a means of transportation from one story to the next. However, why not make it more than just a part of your Boston home? By adding a glass railing, you can turn your staircase into a centerpiece and attractive visual element. The sleek panels of a glass railing can add a modernized touch to your Boston home without having to redo the entire staircase. It also adds an element of openness and transparency to your interior by allowing light to shine through. At Boston Glass Group our specialists will work with you to envision the improvements you want to make to your stairway and show you which types of glass will go best with your current stair design and where the stairs are located. Whether your staircase is straight, spiral, or angled, Boston Glass Group can install the perfect glass railing to complement and enhance it.

Glass Railings for Decks

Installing glass railings for the exterior of your Boston home has multiple benefits. Not only are they a sophisticated and beautiful addition to your deck or balcony, but are also imperative for safety. These railings add a barrier to high-up areas so you can relax on them without worrying about falling off. In contrast to traditional railings, a glass railing from Boston Glass Group has paneling that is very close together and unable for small children and pets to squeeze through accidentally. Glass railings are great for those who want containment, but not at the expense of losing their view. A huge factor in purchasing a home is location, and the transparency of glass railings allows them to enjoy the landscape of their Boston property uninterrupted. For those who seek privacy from neighbors and the outside world, there are railing options that use frosted or etched glass.

Glass Railings as a Great Investment

While there are plenty of benefits to installing glass railings for a residential staircase or deck, the most common aversion people have is its cost. A glass railing, because of its uniqueness, is more expensive than a traditional railing. However, those that are interested in possibly installing one must look at them for the amazing investment they are. Glass railings are very easy and cheap to maintain: wipe them down with Windex every so often, and they look brand new! In terms of staying new, they fare very well against weather and wear. Whether your staircase railing is often bumped by energetic kids or the deck railing gets heavy snow, you can have faith that the glass railing installed by Boston Glass Group will stay strong and not weaken or corrode. Moreover, in the very rare case something breaks on your railing, Boston Glass Group also offers repair services.

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