Fire-Rated Glass Installation, Repair & Replacement in Boston, MA

Boston Glass Group is Boston’s go-to window repair company. We serve residential and commercial clients of all sizes with the best in window glass repair, window replacement, and window pane replacement in Boston. Quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing are what we promise to business owners and residents throughout the Boston area. We also pride ourselves on our assortment of glass types, meaning we are able to offer different kinds of glass for different kinds of projects. One specific type of glass we offer is called fire-rated glass, and its becoming an increasingly popular choice for glass installation with home and business owners in Boston. If you want to be better safe than sorry, this is a great glass option for you.

What is Fire-Rated Glass?

There are subsets and levels of fire-rated glass that you can use for your Boston project. Fire-rated glass is glass that is either fire-protective or fire-resistive. “Fire-protective” glass defends against the spread of flames and smoke. “Fire-resistive” glass provides the same defense against flames and smoke but also blocks the transfer of heat. The types and options for fire-rated glass are dictated by specifications for design and safety. While you or your designer can choose what gives you the greatest aesthetic appeal for your Boston property, there are international building codes that set specifications on levels of tolerance to things like heat, impact and more. It’s also important to know the local codes for Boston before beginning a glass installation project. Fortunately, the glass experts at Boston Glass Group know the local codes and can help you create an approved glass project that is both safe and beautiful.

What Are the Types of Fire-Rated Glass?

There are many different types of fire-rated glass appropriate for various commercial and residential applications in Boston. Polished wire glass has provided fire protection for more than 100 years and is popular in Boston because of its low cost. Glass ceramic looks like ordinary window glass when installed, making it a favorite for designers. Fire-rated glass wall panels are multi-layer assemblies that block the transfer of radiant and conductive heat. Fire-rated glass walls are popular with architects and designers because they allow for visibility, light, and security. A final category of fire-rated glazing is tempered glass. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than "ordinary" or glass and is used for human safety in environments where human safety is an issue. Tempered glass should always exceed industry tolerances.

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