Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Click a question to read the answer!

Do you offer free estimates and consultations?

YES! Our glass company would love the opportunity to provide an estimate and to discuss your ideas or needs.

Why do my windows have “fog” or “condensation” between them?

This happens when the insulating barrier of an insulated glass unit fails. Modern technology provides a much stronger unit than in the past, so rest easy – you won’t be worrying about that window anytime soon after we’ve replaced it. By replacing your defective unit, the new windows can provide your home with increased energy efficiency and savings.

What is the difference between plate, tempered, and insulated glass?

Insulated glass refers to an insulated glass unit (IGU), which is composed of two pieces of glass that sandwich around an insulating glass spacer. The units are manufactured outside of or shop and come with a 5 or 10 year warranty. IGUs can come with a variety of different glass and color options, however, for energy efficiency, Low-e glass and Argon gas provide the best results.


Tempered glass is glass that has gone through the tempering process, which involves rapid heating and cooling. This process can be done to any glass thicker than 1/8”. Tempering provides glass that is more resistant to head-on impact, and much tougher than regular, annealed glass. When the glass breaks, it breaks into thousands of little pieces that generally, are not sharp – this is an element of safety, hence the name “Tempered Safety Glass”. Tempered glass cannot be cut or modified after tempering.


“Plate” or “annealed” glass is the most common form of glass and is used in most applications. It ranges in thickness starting at 3/32 (or single strength) and goes up to 3/4’ without special ordering.

My windows won’t stay up, what is wrong with them?

This is a relatively simple fix and can be accomplished by replacing or repairing your spring-loaded window balancers. These channels fit along the sides of the windows and provide it with the ability to move up and down or stay in a desired position.

Can you replace my shower door seal?

Yes. We offer a shower door check-up package that involves rehanging the door and replacing all the existing bulbs and seals. Often times we are able to minimize the appearance of your existing seals due to advancements in the glass industry